Educating teachers

and empowering students with positive ways of dealing with anger and minimizing violent behavior

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Many Schools

From coast to coast, continent to continent your school will benefit from what our program has to offer your district and campus as a result producing more awareness of mental health, education on diversity inclusion and conflict resolution which will lead to happy healthy lasting relationships that start in the classroom and last a life time. Send us a email to schedule or get dates of availability to visit your school! We want to talk to your school, we want to reach our community!


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Countless Lives

Countless lives from suicides or altercations at schools dating back as early as the 18th century in 1764.  Mental illness is a factor in most suicides and is the most common death for people aged 15 to 24. Our non profit organization aims to be proactive in our reach to the schools communities by teaching mental health awareness, conflict resolution and diversity inclusion. 


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ONE Belief

Regardless of race, ethnicity, religious or identification of a  particular cultural, or religious group belief we can all agree that LIFE itself is valuable and important; therefore that ONE BELIEF. We must educate and teach awareness to the things surrounding us. Support the brand support the ONE Belief today!


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Keep our schools safe

We can help personal development of young children from elementary through secondary schools though providing relationship skills, building confidence in lasting relations, understanding emotions and feelings from a young age where children are not left feeling secluded, but included. This training can be done with the students as well as faculty. E mail us for dates and availability!